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Our history

Everything for a tasteful brand,

original, traditional and surprisingly contemporary.


La William was founded in 1963.

However, the origins of the brand go back to before the Expo-58 years.

To this day, La William is located in Londerzeel in Brabant.


Fries with La William sauce is a staple in our food culture.


All along, La William has been busy flavouring and shaping Belgian food culture and has become the brand that earned the reputation of ‘our tastemaker’. Since its early beginnings, La William has been putting its experienced culinary craftsmanship into creating quality, mouth-watering flavours.

Since 1963, La William has been driven by a passion for strong home-grown products and providing excellent customer service to fry shop operators and everyday people. La William wants to be an established household name, that abides by and upholds the values of its trade, and that follows what its taste-testers want, listens to their taste buds, and gives them sauces the way they like them, so that with La William it always feels like coming home.

Today La William is a family business that’s committed to family values, a caring company, with respect and authenticity, drive and excellence, in an environment that is stimulating, innovative and resilient.

Vegan nuggets met vegan cocktail saus van La William

Not stopping at its iconic sauce, La William aims to continue to surprise, inspire and add a new taste for more.

With the creation of Andalouse, La William took the first step as the inventor of new flavours. Since then, La William has continued to combine the right dose of daring with an open mind, and a healthy dose of creativity. Andalouse was followed by other inventions such as Brasil, Riche, gave new meaning to fondue and supported sustainable developments such as Vegan Mayo Plantaise, plant-based versions of Samuraï, Andalouse and Cocktail, Sweet Ritual, Southern Garden and Mouth-Watering Heights. All in the name of taste!