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Serves 4 people, 5 falafels per person.

Soak 500g of dried chickpeas overnight in water. Then next day, drain them and grind them to a pulp in a chopper. Add 1 small onion (finely chopped), 1 garlic clove (crushed), 3 sprigs of parsley, 3 sprigs of coriander leaves, 1 tsp garam masala spices, 1 pinch of cumin powder, 1 pinch of chili powder, 1 dash of peanut oil and 1 pinch of salt and mix everything finely. Roll the falafels into the size of a ping-pong ball and fry them at 180°C in your deep fryer until golden brown. Remove from the oil and let drain on plate or bowl lined with paper towel. Sprinkle them with some finely chopped coriander and parsley and serve with …. La William Andalouse!