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Américaine Maison Américaine Maison achtergrond
Américaine Maison

Américaine Maison

Américaine Maison, the name alone makes your mouth water: a bit of France, with a dash of America and finished off with real Belgian craftsmanship ...yeeesssss! A classic red sauce with fresh onions, capers and the powerful La William spice mix. This rich taste medley goes perfectly with your summer tomato salad, crispy fries, savoury burgers or juicy steak. And of course as a basis for your filet américain, that's a given! In short, the best of America, but homemade here by us.
Did you know?
  • La William’s Américaine Maison gets its characteristic taste from the fresh herbs and the capers we put in it. Capers, which are the unopened flower buds of the caper plant, are mainly found in Mediterranean countries: Spain, France and Italy. Capers are preserved in salt or vinegar, and they are delicious in egg dishes, on smoked salmon sandwiches, in fish dishes and on pizzas. By the way, did you know that Belgium is one of the largest consumers of capers in the world? We owe this to our love of américain préparé or filet américain.
  • In addition to Américaine Maison, be sure to try our Américaine Chef! This one is just a bit spicier & contains less spices than this variant. If you put the two sauces side by side, you will taste the difference immediately! Which one is your favourite?
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
300 ml
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