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Curry Curry achtergrond


Spice it up with our specialty La William Madras curry. A pinch of chili powder provides the extra spice kick in this sauce & turmeric provides the vibrant yellow colour. La William Curry goes well with chicken, turkey and other kinds of poultry.
Did you know?
Curry is originally from India, where the word 'kari' means sauce. The use of this type of spice mixtures was adopted by the English, and the word became "curry". They also use a lot of curry in Thai kitchens. At La William we make our Curry sauce with real Madras curry. It’s nice and spicy because there is extra chili powder in it. We looked for the ideal curry for our Curry sauce for no less than 7 months. But our patience was rewarded: the spice mixture we use now was developed especially for La William. And you can taste it!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 300 ml
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