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Mayonnaise Mayonnaise achtergrond


Don't just say mayonnaise to this intense taste. Instead, call it tradion-naise. Because La William mayonnaise tastes the same way it has for a hundred years. Simple... and deliciously so. Honest and Belgian – without sugar or water, but with natural ingredients and egg yolk from free-range chickens. Guaranteed wholesome deliciousness on golden yellow fries, cold dishes and summer salads.
Did you know?
  • There is something that all Belgians agree on: mayo is our favourite cold sauce! More than 50% of all cold sauces sold are mayo! But where does the name mayonnaise actually come from? There are several stories about the origin of the name. The best one is the story about the woman from Mahonesse, a village on the Spanish island of Menorca. She fell in love with Richelieu, the 16th century French duke and clergyman. The woman told the Frenchman the secrets of Menorcan cuisine, including the recipe for aioli: a sauce made of olive oil, mixed with egg, salt and garlic. Richelieu took the recipe back to his native France, where it was developed into a sauce without garlic. The sauce Mahonessa became sauce mayonnaise.
  • Also discover our Mayo Traiteur! Mayo Traiteur is slightly firmer in texture than this mayonnaise.
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 700 ml
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