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Pepper sauce Pepper sauce achtergrond
Pepper sauce

Pepper sauce

To achieve a full-balanced taste, La William selects the very best peppers from different types of pepper plants. This genius mix guarantees that all the different pepper notes come out in the food. It's your No. 1 spicy sauce choice for meat dishes like chicken and steak. But also for crispy fries! Do you want to go completely gastronomic? Lightly heat your Pepper sauce with a splash of cream or meat gravy: La William knows what gourmet palates appreciate. Enjoy our Belgian taste ingenuity to the fullest.
Did you know?
  • Pepper served as a means of payment in ancient times. In our daily vocabulary you will find a lot of remnants of that. In Dutch they say “pepper expensive” (peperduur) to mean very expensive, or “pay in spices” (betalen in speciën). People even used spices to pay their taxes!
  • Salt was also a means of payment, on which even high taxes were levied. The word salary is related to salt (sal in Latin).
  • Fancy something other than pepper sauce to go with your steak? Then discover our steak Andalouse recipe!
  • There are a lot of different types of pepper?
    • For instance, you have the green pepper, which comes from the unripe fruits of the pepper plant.
    • You also have the black pepper, in which the peppercorns are dried.
    • The white pepper comes from the ripe fruits of the pepper plant.
    • Red pepper is produced when the pepper berry ripens on the plant.
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 300 ml
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