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Pitta Pitta achtergrond


Everyone knows the white pitta sauce based on garlic. And yet La William's one immediately stands out among all the other variants. Because we start from our own mustard. It gives a spicy touch, subtly hidden in the full taste palette. The secret La William spice mix does the rest. Give your dish an oriental touch with Belgian culinary innovation. Give your shawarma, gyros and pitta meat an exotic zest and savour every bite.
Did you know?
  • In our language, pitta refers to the entire sandwich including the meat and vegetables. But actually, the original meaning only refers to the bread itself.
  • According to tradition, pitta bread was invented 4000 year ago by the Bedouins, who baked their bread as they prepared the evening meal. They kneaded flour and water into balls and baked the dough in an open fire. The flat bread is one of the oldest types of bread, because it does not require an oven or even a pan to bake it.
  • You can also very easily make your own pita sauce? For this, mix some mayonnaise & yoghurt with garlic and finish with a dash of vinegar. Serve with pitta bread, different vegetables of choice, gyros meat & enjoy!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 300 ml 650 ml 700 ml
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