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Riche Riche achtergrond
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Go for a sauce with character. Go for Riche. That's La William's princess pink tartar sauce, made from fresh onions, spices and lime juice. How does the sauce get that rosy colour? Thanks to the ripe cranberries we add to it! Because we handpick these ingredients so carefully, you get a deliciously fresh sauce – a unique spin on the tartar flavour. An absolute must with fish and chicken dishes. Or with your portion of crispy fries!
Did you know?
  • Riche is part of our 3 most famous sauces? After all, La William invented Andalouse, Brasil & Riche in the middle of the last century. Riche in particular is still very well known today as "the pink sauce" from the fryer that adds a deliciously surprising touch to fries. Have you tried them yet?
  • La William makes almost all its cold sauces based on high-quality rapeseed oil. This choice was made primarily for the sake of flavour. After all, rapeseed oil has a very neutral taste and a pleasant mouthfeel. Ideal, therefore, for the production of sauces and vinaigrettes. Thanks to the oil's neutral flavour, the flavours of ingredients and spices are maximised. In everyday life, rapeseed oil is also often used in cooking.
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