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Samuraï Samuraï achtergrond


If you found Banzaï too spicy, then you definitely haven't tasted our Samuraï sauce yet! It’s hand’s down the most spicy sauce from the La William range. Wait until you taste this hot sauce with red chili peppers! Another little tip if the sauce is a bit too hot: put out the fire in your mouth by drinking tomato, lemon or lime juice but never water! Samuraï is ideal with poultry such as chicken cubes or chicken strips, but also with red meat or fries.
Did you know?
  • Did you eat something that was just a little too hot? Never try to tone it down by drinking water! Capsaicin – the substance that causes the stinging sensation – is an oil and therefore does not dissolve in water. In other words, it spreads all over your mouth! It’s better to rinse your mouth with tomato, lemon or lime juice. The acid will dissolve the alkaline properties of the capsaicin. Capsaicin also dissolves in alcohol, and eating dry bread or rice also helps. Of course you can also learn to eat spicy. Slowly make it hotter and hotter...
  • We also launched a Vegan Samurai since 2021. This sauce was named "Sweet Ritual" and is just a little less spicy than this Samurai. For lovers, we added a "sweet touch" to the vegan version.
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
650 ml
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