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Vegan Samuraï Sweet Ritual Vegan Samuraï Sweet Ritual achtergrond
Vegan Samuraï Sweet Ritual

Vegan Samuraï Sweet Ritual

We came up with this Vegan Samuraï Sweet Ritual especially for spicy sauce lovers who also value animal welfare, health & the environment. Sweet Ritual is a spicy vegetable sauce with mustard, tomato & spicy pili pili. To round off the sauce we added delicious paprika, so your Vegan Samuraï becomes spicy & sweet! Be sure to try Sweet Ritual with vegan salads, veggie tacos & crispy fries!
Did you know?
  • Our "Sweet Ritual" sauce carries the European-recognised V-label. This label comes from an independent organisation that ensures that the sauce is vegan with 100% certainty. To this end, they check the entire production process & ensure that the sauce does not come into contact with animal products, among other things.
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  • Also check out our www.veganlawilliam.be website for more information & points of sale of this sauce!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
300 ml
Ingredients Nutritional values