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Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden achtergrond
Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden

Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden

Vegan Andalouse, the spicy vegan sauce made from carefully selected tomatoes & using the famous Spanish gazpacho recipe as a source of inspiration. In addition to tomatoes, this delicious sauce contains specially selected capers, La William mustard & a spicy spice mix. All these ingredients together form a delicious vegan sauce that goes perfectly with fries (cooked in vegetable oil, of course) & all vegan dishes.
Did you know?
  • Our Southern Garden sauce also carries the European-recognised V-label. This label comes from an independent organisation that ensures that the sauce is vegan with 100% certainty. To do this, they check the entire production process & ensure that the sauce does not come into contact with animal products, among other things.
  • Looking for inspiration for your kitchen? Then be sure to try our Southern Salad with Southern Garden. Combine new potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and red onion and mix in a generous spoonful of Vegan Andalouse. Top with some toasted garlic bread and you have a delicious autumn dish. Ideal for when you don't have a lot of time, but still want to eat delicious food on a drizzly autumn day. Enjoy!
  • Also discover our other three vegan sauces; Vegan Mayo Plantaise, Vegan Samurai Sweet Ritual & Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights!
  • You can also find more information about this sauce & points of sale on our dedicated vegan website.
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
300 ml
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