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Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights achtergrond
Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights

Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights

As colourful as the tail of a rooster, and as rich a taste as ever there was: that’s La William’s Vegan Cocktail sauce. But let’s not get carried away, eh. No. It’s a smooth taste that’s creamy in texture. So it's got pep. And do you know why? Because we add authentic Scotch single malt whisky. That’s the master chef’s secret ingredient. Ideal as a mouth-watering compliment to your haute cuisine fish and seafood dishes. Or... as a heavenly dip sauce for raw vegetables!
Did you know?
  • Our Vegan cocktail sauce also carries the European-recognised V-label. This label comes from an independent organisation that ensures that the sauce is vegan with 100% certainty. To do this, they check the entire production process & ensure that the sauce does not come into contact with animal products, among other things.
  • Fancy a quick and tasty dish? Dip some greens in tempura dough and deep-fry them. Top with Vegan Cocktail, sesame seeds, lime juice and mint. You can find the whole recipe on our recipe page.
  • La William has launched 3 more vegan sauces; Vegan Mayo Plantaise, Vegan Samurai Sweet Ritual & Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden!
  • You can also find more information about this sauce & points of sale on our dedicated vegan website.
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
300 ml
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