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Vegan Mayo Plantaise Vegan Mayo Plantaise achtergrond
Vegan Mayo Plantaise

Vegan Mayo Plantaise

A mayo that is 100% vegetable, full of flavour, sustainable and prepared with our own La William mustard! Moreover, you can be sure that this Vegan Mayo Plantaise® is completely plant-based thanks to the globally recognised vegan stamp of approval, V-Label. Perfect with crispy sweet potato fries, a fresh salad or on your vegetable burger.
Did you know?
  • Did you know that the name Plantaise is a contraction of ‘plant-based’ & ‘mayonnaise’?
  • Vegan Mayo Plantaise contains fewer calories than the average mayo on the Belgian market (495kcal/100ml versus 750kcal/100ml).
  • The European recognised V-Label comes from an independent organisation that ensures that Plantaise is 100% certified vegan.
  • Vegan Mayo Plantaise is also available at your favourite fry shops & together with fries baked in vegetable oil, you have a delicious 100% vegan snack. A large number of fry shops are offering a lot of vegan snacks nowadays!
  • Only 72% of Belgians call themselves omnivores who eat meat or fish every day. Belgians under the age of 34, Brussels residents, and women are among those who are eating less and less meat. Source: https://www.evavzw.be/nieuws/jongeren-en-vrouwen-eten-steeds-minder-vlees
  • Visit www.plantaise.be for more information about this progressive, climate-friendly sauce!
  • Besides Vegan Mayo Plantaise, La William has 3 other vegan sauces in its range. Also discover our Vegan Andalouse Southern Garden, Vegan Samurai Sweet Ritual & Vegan Cocktail Mouth-Watering Heights!
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