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Hamburger Hamburger achtergrond


"A hamburger is a hamburger" Buuut... as long as you’re only talking about the sandwich, the meat and the vegetables. Add the delicious La William sauce with pickle and our own mustard, and you’re in for something very special!  The extra solid consistency keeps the sauce perfect on your Gourmet Burger and Haute-dog. Take your homemade creation to the next level with our Hamburger sauce. It may well be a typical American dish, but that authentic taste? It's deliciously and decidedly Belgian!
Did you know?
  • The origin of the hamburger goes back as far as the 1900s. Even then, traditional hamburgers were served, and mainly in the United States. Although there are other hypotheses that claim the dish originated in the city of Hamburg in Germany.
  • There are huge variations of the traditional beef burger in the year 2024? These days you have Fishburgers, Chickenburgers and real Gourmet burgers that are a bit more exclusive. Are you a professional and still looking for a tasty burger recipe? Then be sure to check out our Inspiration page on the Lawilliamprofessional website.
  • We also developed another sauce especially for your delicious burger that goes perfectly with it? Our Triple Burgercue.
  • Be sure to also try our burger sauce with the La William burger or beetroot burger!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 300 ml
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