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Cocktail Cocktail achtergrond


As colourful as the tail of a rooster, and as rich a taste as ever there was: that’s La William’s Cocktail sauce. But let’s not get carried away, eh? No. It’s a smooth taste and creamy in texture. So it's got pep. And you know why? Because we add authentic single malt Scotch whisky. That is the master chef’s secret ingredient. Ideal as a mouth-watering compliment to your haute cuisine fish and seafood dishes. Or... as a heavenly dip sauce for raw vegetables.
Did you know?
  • Cocktail literally means 'the tail of a rooster'. Where the name comes from is not entirely clear. Whether it’s from the colourful drinks that are mixed or from 'cock-tailed', the 18th century name given to non-purebred racehorses. Whatever the case, cocktails always have something festive and there is always something alcoholic in it. Our Cocktail sauce contains delicious whisky: our secret to the best taste.
  • Our Cocktail contains delicious whisky: our secret to the best taste!
  • Prefer to go ahead and make your own homemade sauce? Then mix our La William Tomato Ketchup with some mayonnaise & add a dash of whisky!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml 300 ml
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