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Triple Burgercue Triple Burgercue achtergrond
Triple Burgercue

Triple Burgercue

Triple Burgercue or Triple BC for those in the know, is a spicy tomato-based burger sauce with delicious caramelised onions. It is a triple taste sensation of sweet, sour and spicy that form one delicious sauce. The Triple Burgercue is the unbeatable sauce that gives your classic burger that extra punch.
Did you know?
  • The idea for our Triple BC sauce came from convenience for fryers. Sometimes you don't have much time and things have to go fast. At those times, you can save time by using Triple BC sauce. After all, for the most famous burger in the fryer, you often use 3 sauces. Triple BC combines these 3 sauces into one taste sensation of sweet, sour & spicy.
  • Fancy a quick bite? Top a soft hamburger bun with a juicy burger, some slices of crispy gherkin, fresh iceberg lettuce and a slice of cheddar cheese. Top with a delicious dash of La William's Triple Burgercue sauce and conjure a smile on your face!
  • La William's Triple Burgercue sauce & Hamburger sauce both invented especially for on burgers. This is how to quickly pimp your burger into a real "Gourmet Burger".
  • Are you a professional and still looking for a new & unique burger for your business? Then be sure to take a look at our La William Professional website for inspiration!
Weinig spicy Medium spicy Zeer spicy
280 ml
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